Our First Home

Taggart Construction Limited opens its first shop on land in Tunney’s Pasture, west of downtown Ottawa.


Move To South Keys

Taggart Construction Limited outgrows its Tunney's Pasture location and relocates to its current home on Albion Road, in Ottawa’s South Keys.


Ottawa's 1st Blast License

Harold Taggart receives the City of Ottawa’s 1st blast license, signifying the beginning of a long history in deep and complex excavations which continues to this day.


Taggart Family Invest in Concrete Pipe Company Ottacon

The Taggart family invests in concrete pipe company Ottacon, and a manufacturing plant is built. It later sold in 1980 to Best Pipe.


Kingston Operations Begin

Taggart Construction Limited operations begin in Kingston after a successful tender for a new subdivision. After operating out of what is currently a motorcycle repair shop, it moved to its current location after construction was completed in the early 1970s.


Founder Harold Taggart Retires

Harold Taggart retires. His sons Jim & Ian, along with son-in-law Dave purchase the company and lead its expansion.


Doran Contractors Limited Is Acquired

Doran Contractors Limited is acquired and joins the Taggart Group of Companies. From complex water & wastewater projects to multi unit highrise concrete towers, Doran is continually ranked as superior by clients and industry professionals who rely on the Doran team for dependability, value engineering & safety.


Tamarack Homes

Harold Taggart began transforming streets in Eastern Ontario into new homes for returning war veterans in 1948. That proud legacy and dedication to excellence continued through the hands-on efforts of his family, culminating in the formation of Tamarack Homes.


Taggart Realty Management Launches

Taggart Realty Management specializes in property and asset management, acquisition, disposal, and development of commercial and residential real estate.


Founder Harold Taggart Passes Away

Harold ‘HT’ Taggart passes away, having witnessed the growth of a small construction company he started into four vertically integrated companies operating under the Taggart Group of Companies banner.


Taggart Construction Limited Celebrates 50 Years

Taggart Construction Limited celebrates its 50th anniversary. Many people that were there for the occasion are still here.


Signature Centre Project Begins in Kanata

The Signature Centre in Kanata is one of the most successful retail plazas developed and managed by Taggart Realty Management. Created to service an ever-growing residential community in Kanata, the Signature Centre is among one of Kanata’s most frequently visited retail sites. Notably, this was one of the first major retail development and management projects undertaken by Taggart Realty Management.


Taggart Group of Companies Launches a Sustainability Committee

The objectives of the committee are to find ways to make the Taggart Group a “greener” organization, share information and best practices about eco-friendly technologies and initiatives, and to raise awareness, initiate, and participate in local green projects.


Professional Development Program through Telfer

The Taggart Group teams up with the Telfer Centre for Executive Leadership to complete the first in a series of comprehensive leadership and professional development programs. The program is a tool to support managers or aspiring managers by providing them with a greater depth of knowledge in management, to emphasize the role of leadership, and to streamline processes within the organization.


Tamarack Homes Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Tamarack Homes celebrates its 30th anniversary. Over the decades we have grown and expanded our business but have never compromised on our commitment to building homes using sustainable and responsible practices.


Taggart Aggregates Limited Begins Operations

Located in Stittsville, Taggart Aggregates Limited is the newest division of the Taggart Group of Companies and produces a variety of granular products.


Tamarack Homes Receive The EnerQuality Impact Award

Tamarack Homes is honoured to receive the EnerQuality 2018 Impact Award for making significant long-term voluntary progress in reducing carbon emissions and showing outstanding achievements through energy efficiency and sustainable practices.


Taggart Construction Wins Excavator of the Year Award

Taggart Construction Limited is proud to have been awarded the ORCGA Excavator of the Year Award. The award recognizes exceptional skill in applying safe digging practices during the excavation process.


Albion Road Office Expansion

We've outgrown our Ottawa HQ and are expanding our office space and re-imagining our existing building to keep pace with our growth.


Taggart Group of Companies Named as a Top Canadian Contractor

The Taggart Group of Companies is named in the 2019 Top 20 Contractors in Canada by OnSite Magazine.


Taggart Realty Management is Awarded Deal of the Year

Taggart Realty Management was awarded Deal of the Year – Real Estate, at the 2019 Better Ottawa Business Awards. Kinaxis and Taggart Realty Management jointly received this award for the deal reached to develop the new Ottawa Kinaxis headquarters.


Taggart Group of Companies Named as a Top Canadian Contractor

The Taggart Group of Companies is named in the Top 20 Contractors in Canada by OnSite Magazine for the second consecutive year.


Taggart Group Acquires Tartan Homes

After a long-standing history of partnership, the Taggart Group acquires Tartan, and together the organizations continue to build some of Ottawa’s most well-known subdivisions.


Taggart Celebrates 75 Years

The Taggart Group of Companies marks 75 years since the birth of Taggart Construction. Along with memorable celebrations in both Ottawa and Kingston, the Taggart Parkes family, Taggart employees, and many industry colleagues and friends took time to reflect on all the growth and community building that the Taggart Group has seen since 1948.


Tamarack Wins Builder of the Year

Tamarack Homes is awarded Builder of the Year for 2023 at the Greater Ottawa Homebuilders’ Association’s Annual Housing Design Awards.