Half Moon Bay

Taggart Construction Limited

Mattamy Homes


Residential Site Servicing

$4.5 Million

Project Highlights

  • Large scale infrastructure being installed i.e. 3000mm diameter storm pipe, 2700mm diameter storm pipe, 2550mm diameter storm pipe in the subdivision
  • Major sewer crossings on Cambrian Road (full road closures required)
  • 500mm diameter Concrete Pressure Pipe sanitary sewer along Cambrian Road (required the construction of a Cambrian Road detour to take traffic away from work area)
  • Working through winter under a tight schedule
  • Working in extremely poor ground conditions (leda clay) and at significant depths (up to 7 diameters)

Taggart Construction is an industry leader for subdivision servicing in Eastern Ontario. Half Moon Bay West in Barrhaven is a recently developed residential neighbourhood owned by Mattamy Homes. Taggart Construction was contracted to lay a strong base upon which this subdivision would be built. Our team planned and executed the installation of thousands of meters of sanitary and storm sewers, and watermains. Once the major underground infrastructure was complete, we laid asphalt to create roads in the subdivision.

Altogether in this development, Taggart Construction prepared 283 new lots for construction — moving earth, providing sewer, watermain, and road works including road construction. All of this was done efficiently within strict deadlines to ensure the overall success of the project.