Citizen Advocacy

Citizen Advocacy, founded in 1974 is one of the few agencies supporting people of all ages across the disability spectrum. It is a place where people with disabilities and their families feel welcomed, safe, not judged and able to speak their minds; a place where they receive the recognition, guidance and support they are seeking. Citizen Advocacy Ottawa recognizes the resilience of individuals with disabilities and their families as they struggle for access to support and services. This organization looks for innovative and creative ways to build healthy, safe, and inclusive futures in our community for those who live with a disability.

In 2018, our donation to Citizen Advocacy was used as a raffle prize in their Evening in the Maritimes event. The raffle helped raise $19,000 which will be used specifically to assist the Everyday Champions Program. Everyday Champions is a program that creates a one-on-one match with a child, youth or adult with a disability; or a match with group home residents who have disabilities. “Through our matching programs we see profound differences in the lives of people with a disability. The benefits for those who are matched with a volunteer advocate may include: reduced loneliness and isolation, help to achieve hopes and dreams, assistance to develop personal networks and relationships, decreased vulnerability, increased self-confidence and improved mental and physical health. We support all types of disability: those with physical, intellectual, developmental or mental health challenges” says Susan, a spokesperson for Citizen Advocacy.

“Every day, we see evidence of how personal relationships and networks help support and resolve personal and professional matters.  We use our networks to help others – whether it’s related to getting a job, finding a professional resource or for social and recreational purposes. We rely on these rich personal networks and relationships. Many people with disabilities don’t have the benefit of these relationships.”

The Taggart Parkes Foundation was proud to partner with the Citizen Advocacy Board in 2018. Through the funds donated this past year, more individuals and families living with disabilities in our community will be able to speak out about the issues they face and receive the support they need. We are committed to supporting organizations in our community that do meaningful work for individuals who are vulnerable and face difficult challenges in their lives.