For many years, the YMCA-YWCA has enjoyed a strong relationship with the Taggart Family.

Harold Taggart founded Taggart Construction in the 1940s based on the values of integrity, cooperation, and teamwork, while his wife Muriel Taggart instilled the same values in their family’s everyday living. Muriel went on to serve on the Y’s Board of Directors in the ‘50s and ‘60s. During this time, their seven children were enrolled in countless recreational, camp, and childcare programs at the Y. These memorable experiences influenced their young lives, and stuck with them over the years well into adulthood.

Now the tables have turned and it is the Y – and more importantly, the community – that benefits from this steadfast and long-standing relationship. Six decades after Muriel served on the Y’s Board, two of her sons, Jim and Keith Taggart, co-chaired the Y’s very ambitious “Strengthening the Heart of the Community” capital campaign. They rallied community support and helped to raise $15-million for essential renovations, equipment, and facility updates. During this campaign, the Taggart family made the largest donation in the Y’s history, which is why our flagship centre still carries their name. To this day, that gift and the family’s efforts have made a tremendous impact on our community. With over 82,000 individuals turning to the Y for social services and recreational programming each year, the Taggart Family Y, located in downtown Ottawa, has become a hub for the community.

In addition to their extraordinary financial contributions, the Taggart family has gone above and beyond to support the Y’s efforts in our community. They are key members in the success of the Y’s Annual Golf Classic, and have participated in our “Y Cliffhanger” and “Y Cycle for Strong Kids” events. It is not uncommon to see a member of the Taggart family helping to co-chair a new initiative, sitting on a planning committee, or making introductions to partners in the community. Their amazing commitment to the Y and to our community as a whole is truly outstanding, and has an undeniable and positive influence on our city. We are truly grateful to this incredible family for the kindness they have shown the Y over the years, and for helping us to build a stronger community for all.